Hats, Gloves and Pearls is a fun and interactive program that restores ladylike tendencies and teaches traditional etiquette lessons in either a business or tea party setting. This program focuses on 4 areas:

1. Personal Image and Grooming
2.  Communication & Resume Writing

3. Table Manners and Table Setting
4.  Fashion: Dress for success

Training sessions are customized to the needs of the school, company or organization and are offered to girls and women ages 5 and up. Each session comes with a lesson and an interactive activity. In addition to an amazing educational experience, each participant receives an etiquette guide and personalized gift bag. A pretty dress, hat, gloves and pearl accessories are recommended for the attire and are completely optional.

Why Hats, Gloves and Pearls???  Etiquette has always been an important part of my life. My parents taught me etiquette at home and my mentor taught etiquette at my church. Those lessons proved helpful while I matriculated and graduated from Clark Atlanta University and even now as I enter my 17th year working for the United States Government. As a business professional working in our community I have recognized that the lack of etiquette is disabling girls and women who wish to elevate to higher levels in life. As an advocate of upward mobility and female empowerment I am passionate about helping women reach their fullest potential.

To schedule Hats, Gloves and Pearls for your organization contact Keli Khristine by phone, email or social media. 

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